19_0124_app-faq-headerThe Silvertips App (currently powered by GoHopscotch) will go on hiatus for an indefinite period starting Thursday, Jan. 31 at approximately 12:00 a.m. The reason: GoHopscotch, who engineers the Silvertips App, has announced it will cease operations, therefore ending the functionality of every app it has manufactured and engineered. Plans are currently in progress for an updated Silvertips App, and we’ll have more news on that as it develops.

So, we know you have questions. We’ll do our best to answer everything here so you know what’s going on:


Q: Why is the Silvertips app shutting down?

A: Because the company who manufactured and develops our app, GoHopscotch, will cease operations and completely shut down effective Thursday, Jan. 31.

Q: Will I still be able to use the Silvertips app until Jan. 31?

A: Yes. You will be able use the app and all of its functions (news, roster, sounds, MyLocker, etc.) until that day.

Q: What happens if I try to open the app on or after Jan. 31?

A: You’ll be stuck at the launch screen of the app and won’t be able to go any further than that.

Q: I collected some rewards points along the way (attending home games, listening to the radio broadcast, etc). I better be getting rewarded for that. Is that going to happen?

A: Yes, absolutely. While we have been developing a prize structure for the end of the season, which has been obviously interrupted because of this circumstance, we will be rolling out a multi-tiered rewards chart ASAP to help reward your usage and loyalty. We’ll then contact you individually by the points you earned to review your rewards. Give us time with this step, since there have been so many app users. But simply put: if you used the app and made it worth your time to collect points, you will “get paid.”

Q: When will I get my prize for rewards points?

A: We’re aiming to publicize a rewards structure in the next few days and will post that as soon as it’s completed.

Q: After Jan. 31, how will I know how many points I have collected?

A: We’ll reach out to you by e-mail (the one you registered with the app) and inform how many points you collected.

Q: Can I still get rewards points?

A: Sure, but obviously time is short. The last chance to collect points for listening to the radio broadcasts (i.e. “Tips Talk”) is through Jan. 26. The last chance to collect points for attending home games is Jan. 26, and we’ll also credit all app users with rewards points for every remaining Silvertips home game after that (our little extra way of saying “thank you”), then reward accordingly.

Q: So is “Tips Talk” going away from the radio broadcasts?

A: No. We’ll move that over to Twitter after Jan. 26 (go visit radio voice Mike Benton’s Twitter account: @Benton_Mike and blow his phone up).

Q: When is the new Silvertips App coming out?

A: We don’t know yet, but have been in contact with a couple of companies already. We want to do this right, and not rush anything so it looks sloppy and/or doesn’t work. So, we’ll let you know.

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