AFTERMATH / 3 Stars and an Ode to the Overagers, Explained

By Staci C. – Silvertips staff writer

EVERETT, Wash. – Saturday evening was the last home game of the regular season for the Everett Silvertips and the team celebrated with fan appreciation night. Not only did the Silvertips reward a monster crowd with a big win, but the fans continued to reward the Silvertips with their ongoing support and rocked those cowbells – proudly displaying the rallying cry as best fans of the Western Hockey League.

As tradition for fan appreciation night, the three stars were not selected in a typical fashion by the media – the three stars are the Silvertips’ overagers, all 1996-born.
1. Luca Skrumeda
2. Dominic Zwerger
3. Aaron Irving
Head coach Kevin Constantine spoke about the three overagers at length earlier today: “I think it’s a bit unique this year and the reason I say that is if you look at our previous overagers, for the most part, they were guys who were in our organization longer. You know, Dominic came after the season started, very early in the season and Aaron came near the trade deadline, so those guys have not been around for as long … we were 21st in the league in scoring last year, we’ve bumped that up this year and have been more productive on the offensive side so we produced a lot more goals as we did last year and it was what we identified in Dominic Zwerger that we thought we were missing up front so he’s come in and done what we’ve needed which is to be a little bit more skilled with our forward group–so he’s done that job.”
“Lucas Skrumeda has been a namesake for us for a number of years so he is more of a traditional overager – he grew up in this organization. And ‘Irv’, we got for lots of reasons – good guy, hard worker, good defenseman but we also just recognized the last few years where we would get banged up in the playoffs and always be down a defenseman so we thought adding a D, based upon how the playoffs have gone the last couple of years, was important and to be honest with you, I don’t think we will understand his value completely until how the playoffs go. I mean, that’s the purpose of why he was acquired so we’ve got to let that thing play out to understand the value of it”
“The bottom line is that all three are all very great kids and so it’s been very very very fun to work with them for however the amount of time we’ve had.”
The fans came out in large numbers this evening and the attendance: 7,989. After the game, the fans celebrated the Silvertips by watching the award ceremony for the all the boys’ valiant effort this season. It was a night to remember and many can’t wait to see what Zwerger, Skrumeda, and Irving and the rest, along with the fans have in store for the playoffs, beginning next Friday, March 24 at home.
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