AFTERMATH / Persistence Pays Off.

By Staci C. – Silvertips Staff Writer

EVERETT, Wash. – Resilience is the word to describe the overtime thriller that we saw in Everett on Friday night.

Giving up a late third period goal to the Royals was not an easy thing to see but the boys kept their heads high and played an excellent period of overtime hockey, eventually ending on an Eetu Tuulola snipe from the right circle.

All season this team has shown their ability to rally in the hardest moments and get big memorial wins. There’s a mix of vets and rookies on the team, and no matter how long they’ve been playing, they keep learning and keep going together as a group.

Head coach Kevin Constantine spoke about the teachable moments of the game that played into tonight’s win.
“The whole Portland experience when we gave up the lead down there, I think was good for us at that time during the season because it just taught us to move on,” said Constantine. “Those little lessons you learn along the way, dating way back to a late season Portland game, are lessons that you can lean on a little bit. I know it’s kind of obnoxious because I keep saying it but when someone wins four, they move on, and when someone loses four, they go home for the summer until then you just go and play. It doesn’t matter what point of the game it is, you just got to go play.”
The bottom line: the Tips keep playing on to find ways to win. Earlier in the series, injuries limited the forward group and caused players to play in positions that they are not used to playing. Yet, the Tips have found three ways to win, standing one more away from advancing to the second round.

Saturday’s game is slated for 2:05pm in Victoria for Game 6.

This story was not subject to approval by the WHL or its member clubs.

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