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TIPS NOW » Kindopp Ready for the Next Step

By Carmen Dittoe – Silvertips Staff Writer

EVERETT, Wash . – He’s a dark horse with a bright future: with no need for attention, one member of the Everett Silvertips will stop at nothing to see his team succeed.

There are few complexities behind the success of Tips forward Bryce Kindopp. Quite simply, the team comes first and he does his best for them. After spending two seasons buried under veteran forwards, the right wing out of Lloydminster, Alta. made his breakthrough in 2016-17, tallying 14 points in 60 games.

Last season, he more than doubled that. With 24 goals and 12 assists, the 19-year-old racked up 36 points in 72 games. He had six game-winning-goals and received the 2017-18 Iron Man Award for his efforts and sacrifices night after night.

However, he is by no means the guy in the spotlight. Each teammate that was asked about him had an abundance of great things to say—followed by shock and confusion that he wasn’t invited to an NHL camp this summer.

“He is the most underrated player on the team, which is crazy because he is also one of the most skilled guys there,” said Silvertips veteran Matt Fonteyne. “His numbers last season were incredible and so impressive for an 18-year-old.”

While many players lose confidence from a lack of minutes or attention, Kindopp doesn’t seem to have that issue.

“If the team is doing well but I’m not playing, that doesn’t bother me,” said Kindopp. “I put the team first. If we are winning, that’s all that matters. If I can help them win and contribute to them, that’s all I care about.”

Fontyene reinforced this, explaining that “to Bryce, it doesn’t matter who is getting the credit. He is happy for everyone.”

Regardless of his status, Kindopp had the confidence to break out against top lines of competition. He had two-goal games on six separate occasions against top competitors such as Victoria, Seattle, Lethbridge, Tri-City, and Portland.

“He has been able to provide great offense and help us win games,” said Fonteyne. “Whether he’s on the top line or we need him for depth, he always finds a way to contribute.”

With the indefinite skill and work ethic to play top line minutes, teammate and fellow Tips right wing Luke Ormsby believes he is key across the board.

“Every time you’re on the ice with him, you just know he’s got your back,” explained Ormsby. “He is always on top of things.”

Even after a notable amount of success and unfathomable hours of hard work, Kindopp still credits his improvement on the ice to his teammates.

“I played with talented guys on every line last season,” said Kindopp. “My surroundings helped me succeed.”

Kindopp is heading into his third full season knowing that there is work to be done. He’s focused his training this summer with goals to get bigger and faster while improving the strength behind his shot, hoping to help fulfill the championship goals of his team.

Fonteyne believes that Kindopp has what it takes to make this goal possible.

“I truly believe he’ll have another breakout year and carry the team,” said Fonteyne. “He is going to be a huge factor in how the team does and will lead them into their continued success.”

Kindopp’s goal for the season? In character, it involves the success of this team.

“I’m hoping to be a leader—a go-to guy,” said Kindopp. “I’m really looking forward to that.”

Kindopp’s drive to see his team succeed has molded him into a coachable, reliable teammate who is available at the drop of a hat. He will be back in Everett this fall, ready to take a step into bigger minutes and help lead his team to the success that he so desires for them to see.


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