TIPS NOW » Ormsby, Always Bouncing Back

By Carmen Dittoe – Silvertips Staff Writer

For members of the Everett Silvertips, the road to the port city comes in many different forms. Some are Tips from the Bantam draft to the day they age out of the league. Some are acquired through trade, some go undrafted but shine at training camp. One right wing had been in the Pacific Northwest all along, but his road to and through his first season in Everett was winding.

Luke Ormsby, a 1999-born Everett native who later moved to Arizona at age 15, made his return to the area when he signed with the Seattle Thunderbirds. However, he was sent to the BCHL this fall after two seasons.

“There was a lot of confusion, a lot of feeling knocked down. When I was sent to the BCHL, I was under the impression that my time the WHL was over for good. But I thought ‘ok, it’s gonna be fine. I just want to play hockey,” said Ormsby.

Less than 48 hours into his BCHL career with the Wenatchee Wild, Ormsby received a call from Silvertips GM Garry Davidson.

“He asked me if I could be in Everett that night because they played the following evening. My coaches in Wenatchee congratulated me on the shortest BCHL career they’d ever seen, and I drove to Everett. I skated the following morning, and suddenly I’m on the starting line-up for that night. I couldn’t believe it,” said Ormsby.

To Davidson, Ormby’s presence in Everett just made sense.

“I had just always appreciated Luke as a player— I watched him come through the youth program here in Everett. I also thought he was always effective when he was playing against us,” explained Davidson. “I believe he’s going to have a really good year. He is a mature, high-quality person, and those traits fit in with the group of players we have here.”

However, though Ormsby described his transition to Everett as a great fit, his season of ups and downs had just begun. He later faced two injuries that were supposed to leave him out for the remainder of the season.

“I got injured the first time and was out for three weeks. It was rough because I felt like I’d been playing my best hockey right before it happened, but it was okay because I made the recovery. Then I snapped my collar bone,” said Ormsby.

He recalled being told his season was over, only to think, “Now that has got to be where you’re wrong.”

With the help of amazing trainers and his commitment to whole milk and calcium vitamins, the relentless right shooter turned a two-month recovery into a 4.5 week comeback.

“If I wasn’t sleeping at my house, I was off somewhere doing something to help boost my recovery,” explained Ormsby. “But a week before the day I was supposed to be back, I could hardly get a puck off the ice. Regardless, the trainers kept encouraging me and telling me I’d make it.”

Suddenly, after an unplanned three days without skating, Ormsby began to feel exponentially better every time he hit the ice. Within a week, he was back playing like his normal self.

“It was unreal. I didn’t know what was going on or why I wasn’t in pain, but I just kept going,” Ormsby explained. “I just kept thinking positively and was able to join my team for the finals.”

Through this season of ups and downs, Ormsby believes he learned a very important life lesson—and even more so, learned a lesson about himself.

“Right before I was injured, I thought I was playing my best hockey,” Ormsby said, “and that was a huge confidence thing for me. Then of course, the injuries came and my self confidence was tested again.”

However, he explained that proving he could come back from both injuries gave him more security than ever.

“Being able to bounce back that way gave me a lot of confidence. It taught me that I will be able to return in the fall feeling fully prepared, ready to take on anything,” said Ormsby.

The fourth-year skater closed out his first season in Everett with four points (2g, 4a). He believes he is ready to play a bigger role on the team, and that he is prepared to do everything possible to help the Silvertips claim the desired WHL Championship.

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