WHAT A STORY: Debbie and Terri

The following stories are two  authored by friends of the Everett Silvertips, in preparation for Pink The Rink, coming up at XFINITY Arena on Nov. 4 at 7:05 p.m. Proceeds from tickets and additional initiatives benefit medical efforts for breast cancer treatment, through Providence General Foundation.

These are their stories:

EVERETT – Hello, my name is Debbie Hehn.  In May 2011, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I am a six year survivor.

When I look back on the time of diagnosis and treatment, I am so thankful for every day I have. Cancer not only takes a toll on you physically, but mentally it is a continuous fight.  It truly is all about survival! I am truly blessed to be a survivor!

Cancer not only affects you, but your spouse, children, family, friends and your work.  However, it is also all those people that keep you encouraged and lifted up to get through the days when you don’t know how to move forward.  My wonderful husband, Mark, was so amazing!  His love and care for me, keeping track of all the appointments and medications, was a full time job for him!

The doctors, nurses and surgeons of Providence Regional Cancer, and The Everett Clinic, were all so wonderful. I am so thankful for the research and technology that was provided to me.

“Every day is a good day and find joy in everything!”

Hello my name is Terri Wright and I am a survivor.

My journey began a long time ago.  When I was 30 my mother died of breast cancer and I began getting mammograms from that time forward.  My grandmother had survived breast cancer so I was at great risk.

One day I went for my mammogram and they said I needed a biopsy and right there in the office all by myself I knew it wasn’t good.  I got the call two days later.

My family was devastated! We made the decision to do everything we could to save my life.

I had surgery on October 23, 2014 to remove the cancer and all the tissue to help insure I would never get cancer again.  I went through chemo soon after that as well.

On October 24, 2014 it was Pink the Rink at XFINITY Arena.  My hockey friends all got together and sent me pictures of the ways they were supporting me in my fight!

I am so grateful to the Everett Silvertips for making October a month to honor and support all the women who have to go through this awful ordeal.  It helps to know that there is support out there.

Each year that goes by I feel so much stronger! Thank you for wearing pink jerseys!  It is a small detail, but it means so much!!

Our thanks to friends at Safeway for assisting with this story. Tickets can be purchased at the link below for Pink The Rink.

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