Everett Silvertips 2017-2018 Renewal

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2017 WHL Playoffs & 2017-18 regular season wrapped up into one form!

Renewing your season or package seats just got easier!  Like last season, now you can add your 6-Game playoff package to your monthly payments and spread the cost over a ten month payment period (with automatic payment option), with 0% interest and no hidden fees.  The renewal form deadline is Saturday, MARCH 4th.  All renewals turned in after the deadline are not guaranteed and seats are subject to deactivation of their account.  You can mail, fax, email or bring your form to the Silvertips Office or to the BECU Guest Services table (section 116) at any home game.

What comes in the 2017 Playoff Package?
If you sign up for the 2017 Playoff Package, you’ll receive tickets for the first twelve (12) home playoff games.  Your playoff package purchase will cover the cost of the first six games of the playoffs then any additional games beyond the first six will be added to the cost of season tickets and billed to the same option you’ve chosen for your renewal payment at the per game package price. If you’re a season and/or a package holder for the 2016-17 season, you will have the first right to select your seats for the playoffs.  To guarantee your seats for the playoffs, please submit your form on or before Saturday, March 4th.

WHEN are 2017-18 Renewal Forms due and WHERE can I turn them in?
The renewal form deadline is Saturday, March 4th.  All renewals turned in after the deadline are not guaranteed their seats and are subject to  deactivation of their account.  You can mail, fax, scan or take a picture and email it, or bring your form to the Silvertips Office or to the BECU Guest Services table (section 116) at any home game.

What should I do if I want to CHANGE SEATS or ADD SEATS?
You can indicate by circling “Yes” or “No” on your renewal form indicating either to Change Seat Location and/or Add Seats.  This will let us know that your interested in adding/changing seats when we do our Select-A-Seat event in May.  At that time, you’ll be scheduled a time to speak with your account rep based on your priority number and be given the first opportunity to add/change your seats.  If the seats that you wanted to move to are already taken, then you can keep your current seats.  We will not release your seats from the previous season until you find new seats that you like.

What is Select-A-Seat?
After a successful Select-A-Seat the last three seasons, we will be hosting another Select-A-Seat on Saturday, May 6.  It will be held at XFINITY Arena and will have all available seats marked with all options for those seats.  It’s a great way to bring the family down and sit in the seats before you move.  You will be scheduled a time prior to the event based on your priority number and with the assistance of Silvertips staff can view available seats for the upcoming 17-18 season.  More details will be available shortly as well as other activities and appearances during that day.

Can I TRANSFER seats to someone else?
No, there are no transferring or changing of the primary account holders seats or name.

What is the “GO GREEN” line on my renewal sheet?
Our GO GREEN option is to help save the waste of paper and to protect our environment.  With this option, you’ll save time and money by choosing our automatic payment option.  Those season ticket accounts that don’t choose this option will incur a $10 fee.

What do the different PAYMENT OPTIONS mean?
Automatic Payments For up to eight months (February – Septmber), we can make 0% interest payments to your season ticket account.  Your card will automatically be charged on the 15th of every month.  This option is our best GO GREEN plan.  If you selected your 2017 playoff package, your billing period has increased by up to two more months (February – November).

Pay my account in Full Pay your season ticket off right now and don’t have any worries during the summer months.  A one-time pay in full option can be done with check, cash or credit card.  This option is also a GO GREEN plan.

Monthly Invoices Receive monthly invoices in the mail that will helps spread the cost of your season tickets over the off season (April – August).  Payments may be made in person, through the mail or over the phone.  Invoiced are mailed on the 1st of the month with payment due on the 15th.  Due to the resources used to accommodate this option, it is NOT on the GO GREEN plan.

Dates to Remember
*Monthly automatic payments are charged on the 15th of every month
*Invoices are mailed 1st of every month

Renewal Deadline                                           March 4
First Invoices Mailed Out                                 April 1
Select-A-Seat Event                                           May 6
Schedule Release                                              July
22 & 14-game Selections Due                  Late August

Have more questions about next Season???  Give us a call!

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