Road Tips: Day Seven

Because I spent the day away from the team, and because it’s not very exciting to recap all of the emails I sent out and tickets I arranged for players’ parents, I’m going to skip today’s Road Tips and hand the keyboard over to Kellan Tochkin, who’s going to give you an idea what life is like in the middle of a long roadtrip.

Wake up call was 10:30 which was very nice considering we got to sleep in a little bit which is always key when you on the road, and when you’re a teenager who cannot seem to fall asleep early. Maybe it is the internet and or the TV that seems to keep us up, or possibly the shenanigans that the boys get to on the road.

After breakfast we got a little time off to hang out and be lazy and that took place from roughly 11 AM to 12:45 PM, quite a sensual relaxation period. Then at 12:45 we loaded the bus and took off to the Medicine Hat Arena, which is full of history and quite a remarkable building to be in. We then practiced from 1:45 to 2:45 which was a great time, because it’s always a legit time being on the ice with the boys. Once from there we went back to the hotel at around 3:30 and got another 3 hours of relaxation.

At 6:45 we then went out to an exquisite dinner at the Cypress Club, hostel by Bill Yuill. We had prime rib and it was absolutely delicious. We then played games in the games room for a few hours; Drew McDermott and I dominated at shuffle board, no contest. Then around 9:30 we came back to the hotel and for the rest of the night I am on here typing and typing and searching the internet for hockey news and watching the great Seinfeld.

Yours truly,

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