School Appearance Guidelines


The Silvertips have a long tradition of bringing players to visit elementary schools around Snohomish County. Each year, the team makes nearly 30 appearances at local schools, combining good morals and strong leadership with a floor hockey exhibition with students selected from the crowd.

IMG_3559There are many healthy living habits promoted during these assemblies, including:

  • Setting goals and working as hard as possible to achieve those goals
  • Respecting opposing points of view and working hard to understand conflicting viewpoints
  • Everyone makes mistakes, and the importance of not dwelling on them
  • The significance of getting a good education and balancing extracurricular activities with school work

Many members of the Silvertips are students themselves, ranging from 16-20 years old. For every year that a Silvertip plays in the Western Hockey League, they receive a full year of tuition, including room, board, books and associated fees, to the college or university of their choice. It’s a tremendous and highly engaging way to promote the importance of education, by way of the Silvertips. All assemblies are presented in a fun, interactive setting led by Silvertips broadcast voice Mike Benton and frequently include your favorite Silvertips players, interacting with your students and sharing their personal experiences, up close and personal.

Because of the heavy travel schedule in the Western Hockey League, there are a limited number of days we can appear at schools. Typically, Mondays and Thursdays are the easiest days to secure a Silvertips assembly appearance. Because of the team’s practice schedule, assemblies must be held in the morning, preferably from 9:30 AM – 10:55 AM. We will be happy to tailor the assembly to reflect themes that the students are learning, and will have no problem hosting multiple assemblies to accommodate as many students as possible.

IMG_3375Assembly appearance availability tends to vary and the Silvertips typically make their availability throughout the regular season, starting in late September; however, our schedule becomes full in January and February, with appearances often set several months in advance. To ensure the most ideal date for your assembly, in coordination with the Silvertips availability, it is strongly recommended to make contact with the Silvertips at least several weeks in advance prior to your desired date.

While there is no cost to bring the Silvertips out to your school, we kindly ask that participating schools arrange a group night with the Silvertips in which discounted tickets can be provided for the school and video board recognition as well as a special greeting from Lincoln, the Silvertips’ mascot, can be arranged.

To learn more about school appearance and confirm your reservation, please contact Mike Benton in the Silvertips office at (425) 609-2808 or by e-mail at