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All Winners have been notified via email in regards to pick up directions, including Ace Hardware Top Star of the Game, El Paraiso Mexican Period, Sporty’s Beef & Brew Penalty Kill and Washington Lottery Cowbells for 1st Goal of the Game. If you are a winner above and haven’t been contacted, please call 425-252-5100.

Contest Details

BECU – Show Your Silvertips Pride From Home HERE to be entered to win a zoom audio flask.

Dwayne Lane’s Photo Contest | Submit a photo of you in ‘Tips gear next to your car HERE to be entered to win a free oil change to Dwayne Lane’s

El Paraiso – Past Group Leader of the Game | Email your group photo to INFO@EVERETTSILVERTIPS.COM to be entered to win a El Paraiso Mexican Grill gift card.

Lamoureux Real Estate Fan of the Game | Visit Lamoureux Real Estate’s FACEBOOK page on game days to find promo code and submit HERE to be entered to win a Silvertips jeresy.

Tulalip Resort Casino Season Ticket Holder of the Night | Nominate a fellow Season Ticket Holder by emailing INFO@EVERETTSILVERTIPS.COM and they will be entered to win a team signed uncut card sheet.

Wolfe Plumbing & Wolfe Fire Protection Front Line Worker of the Game | Submit a photo & bio HERE to be recognized during an upcoming 2021 Silvertips home game. Select front line worker images will be converted fan cut outs and one featured fan will receive a Silvertips Team Store gift card each game.

3/20 0320 Tyler Dixon 0320 Grant Rich 0320 Benjamin Ingalls 0320 Mary Connell 0320 ARMSTRONG  0320 Cindy Montopoli
3/24 0324 Meagan Snively 0324 Lindsay Bland 0324 Keith Nettelbladt 0324 Tami and Matthew Huckabone 3.24 FRONT LINE WORKER OF THE GAME - ANN REEVES  0324 Brandy Freeman
3/28 328 BECU Brasfield 328 El Paz GRP Leader Stephanie Doyle 0328 LAM Alex Ross 328 Tulalip STH Rene White 0328 JEREMY 0328 Jade Baker
4/2 0402 BECU FLASK Chris McKeen 0402 El Paz GRP Frank McIntyre 0402 LAM Jersey Jillayna Rennert 0402 Tulalip STH Deanna Allen Frontline-Worker-Wolfe_21_0402 0402 DL Oil Change Joshua Allen
4/3 0403 BECU PRIDE Steve Buff 0403 EL PAZ PAST GROUP LEADER Starr Wolf 0403 LAM JERSEY Michael Gawthorp 0403 TULALIP STH Kathryn Laviola Frontline-Worker-Wolfe_21_0403  0406 Maria Keene
4/6  0406 BECU Pride Kim Smith 0406 El Paz GRP Samuel 0406 Lam Jersey Mike Hinton 0406 Tulalip STH Sherri Fisher Frontline-Worker-Wolfe_21_0406 0406 DL Oil Change Kristen Hartman
4/13  0413 BECU zoom Dakota Zbiegien  0413 El Paz GRP Beth W  0413 Lam jersey Jessica Gamble  0413 Tul STH Robin Snyder  0413 Front Line Russell Jack  0413 DL Robert Miner
4/18 0418 BECU Mick Swanson 0418 El Paz GRP Meredith McIlmoyle 0418 Tony Malgesini 0418 Tul STH Ryan Simmons 0418 Front Line Jeff Alford 0418 OIL CHANGE Tom & Doris Rupert
4/28 4.28 BECU Pride Albie Deandrea 4.28 El Paz GRP Tommy Maly 4.28 Lam Jersey Eric Paulosky 4.28 Tulalip STH Jim Dennis 4.28 FLW Taylin Anderson 4.28 DL Oil Change - Jim Miller
5/5 0505 BECU Pride Amy Biasca 0505 El Paz GRP Tom Fischer 0505 Lam jersey Geoff Olds 0505 Tulalip STH Paul Chavez 0505 FLW Kristen Hartman 0505 Oil Change Jon Counsel
5/7 0507 BECU Pride Gillian Schwab 0507 El Paz GRP Louis Gomez 0507 Lam Jersey Troy Heavener 0507 Tulalip STH Sharon Echols 0507 FLW Anthony Fletcher 0507 DL Oil Change Sarah Dahlbeck