Happy Mother’s Day!

By Carmen Dittoe – Silvertips staff writer

It’s hard to put the love of a mom into words. Luckily, their actions speak louder than our words ever could. Everyone has unique moments worth remembering—including some of your favorite Tips.

Dustin Wolf:  “My mom really loves marine life! A few years back when we were living in California, we ended up going whale watching a few times down on the Dana Point coast.  It’s super nice down there, you spend a few hours on a catamaran boat and you see some pretty unique animals. So I have a lot of cool memories from that and had some really amazing experiences that I am glad I got to share with my mom. She’s supported me through everything in my hockey career and I can’t thank her enough.”

Max Patterson: “One time when I was younger, I was getting sick and had an 8 a.m. game. So my mom gave me some cold medicine but she accidentally gave me nighttime meds, the kind that make you drowsy, instead of day time. It knocked me out and I was sleeping by the first period! But she was always there to make sure I was ready to give my best. When I was maybe 12 or so, I wasn’t the fastest guy. So she made up hand signals to use from the stands to tell me when I needed to speed up or do something differently or better. One time, I think she was trying to show me “explode” or to be more explosive, but I thought she was saying someone died or was severely injured! It really freaked me out but its funny to look back on. She really did, and still does, her best to look out for me.”

Jackson Berezowski: “Every summer my family goes to the lake right when school gets out.We have a lot of good memories out there, whether it’s hanging out on the boat or skiing or relaxing with my grandparents. It’s really something I look forward to every year and we couldn’t do it without my mom. She’s the one that packs the coolers and makes sure everything is perfect and ready to go so that we all have a fun time. I’m really grateful for that.”

Jake Christiansen: “Growing up, my dad was super busy so my mom would always be the one taking me to practice when I was just a little one. She would stand by the bench and I remember always skating by and seeing her watching me proudly. I just remember her being such a big contributor to by hockey in that way. She would always put my gear on when I was little but she was learning along with me!

So she was putting it on backwards—I’d have backwards shoulder pads and everything would be upside down! But she got the hang of it and she’s awesome with it all now. She still thinks she knows a lot about hockey, and she definitely has learned some. One of my best memories with her was when she traveled to Italy with me for inline hockey for the Inline World Championships. We got to explore this little town called Asiago together. It was super cool to have that new experience just me and her—she has been through a lot with me, inside and outside of hockey, and I feel so lucky to call her my mom.

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