The Everett Silvertips Hockey Club will participate in the CHL Import draft on Thursday, June 28 along with the rest of the Canadian Hockey League.

The Silvertips hold first-round pick No. 57. While Everett is also listed as holding pick No. 117 in the second round, Silvertips forward and Slovakia native Martin Fasko-Rudas (1st round, 58th overall in 2017) will return to Everett in the fall and fill the second import spot, leaving the Tips with only one Import Draft pick.

The draft begins Thursday at 8 a.m. PST. Follow via live stream here:

Silvertips CHL Import Draft Pick History:
Pavel Azhgirei (Forward – Grodno, Belarus)
2017 – 2nd Round (118th Overall)

Martin Fasko-Rudas (Right Wing – Banska Bystrica, Slovakia)
2017 – 1st Round (58th Overall)

Eetu Tuulola (Right Wing – Hameenlinna, Finland)
2016 – 1st Round (40th Overall)

Mario Mucka (Right Wing – Nitra, Slovakia)
2016 – 2nd Round (100th Overall)

Yan Khomenko (Left Wing – St. Petersburg, Russia)
2015 – 2nd Round (115th Overall)

Alexandr Scherbakov (Defense – Moscow, Russia)
2015 – 1st Round (55th Overall)

Alexandr Zhebelev (Forward – Moscow, Russia)
2014 – 1st Round (45th Overall)

Ivan Nikolishin (Forward – Moscow, Russia)
2013 – 2nd Round (61st Overall)

Waltteri Hopponen (Forward – Helsinki, Finland)
2013 – 1st Round (10th Overall)

Stathis Soumelidis (Center – Brno, Czech Republic)
2012 – 2nd Round (71st Overall)

Mirco Mueller (Defense – Switzerland)
2012 – 1st Round (11th Overall)

Dominik Bittner (Defense – Weilheim, Germany)
2011 – 1st Round (51st Overall)

Vladimir Dolnik (Forward – Banska Bystrica, Slovakia)
2011 – 1st Round (21st Overall)

Jesse Huhtala (Forward – Pori, Finland)
2010 – 1st Round (52nd Overall)

Radko Gudas (Defense – Prague, Czech Republic)
2009 – 1st Round (20th Overall)

Rasmus Rissanen (Defense – Kuopio, Finland)
2009 – 1st Round (17th Overall)

Vitaly Karamnov (Center – Moscow, Russia)
2007 – 1st Round (60th Overall)

Lukas Vartovnik (Left Wing – Gelnica, Slovakia)
2006 – 1st Round (38th Overall)

Ondrej Fiala (Left Wing – Stenberk, Czech Republic)
2005 – 1st Round (30th Overall)

Karel Hormas (Left Wing – Beroum, Czech Republic)
2004 – 1st Round (37th Overall)

Martin Ruzicka (Right Wing – Beroun, Czech Republic)
2003 – 2nd Round (57th Overall)

Ivan Baranka (Defense – Dubnica, Slovakia)
2003 – 1st Round (2nd Overall)

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