Street Hockey Challenge Schedule + Rules

The second annual Silvertips Street Hockey Challenge will differ from the inaugural event in that the three rinks will be spread between Vinnie’s rink (at the corner of Lombard & Hewitt) and the Irving and Simpson rinks (at the corner of Broadway and Wall).  The rinks are a short two-minute walk apart.

The 9-12 and 13-17 games will be played at Vinnie’s Rink, while the adult tournament will be split between the Irving & Simpson rinks.

After the tournament has concluded and champions have been crowned, we’ll post the All-Divisional teams and All-Tournament Team to our website.   While every participant will receive a ticket to the Silvertips home opener against Kelowna on September 24th, everyone will have chances to take home more prizes.  Players who are selected to All-Divisional Teams will win team-signed memorabilia, while the select few from each division who make the All-Tournament Team will receive two Silvertips suite tickets for a game in the 2011-12 season.

In the Adult Divisions, there are more teams than there were last year.  Because the teams are broken into three five-team divisions, there will be less down time between games, and several teams will be starting up a game as soon as their previous game ends.  In an effort to keep the tournament running expeditiously, there will be roughly three minutes in between games.  Stretching should be done while the preceding game is being played.  Teams who make the championships in the Adult Tournament have the potential to be playing seven games in one day, so hydration and stretching will be important.  All teams were randomly drawn out of a hat and placed in the three divisions which honor standout European players in Silvertips history: the Ivan Baranka (New York Rangers), Radko Gudas (Tampa Bay Lightning), and Rasmus Rissanen (Carolina Hurricanes) Divisions.

Five teams will be taking part in the 9-12 Tournament, with the top four teams advancing to the playoffs.  In the 13-17 Tournament, all four teams will make the playoffs.  In the Adult Tournament, each divisional winner and second place team will make the playoffs.  The top two divisional winners will receive first round byes, with the third divisional winner competing as the #3 seed; the order of seeds 4-6 (the second place teams) will be determined by the tiebreaking procedure.  Second place teams can not be seeded higher than #4, even if they finish with more points than the #3 seed.

Teams will receive 2 points for a win, 1 point for a shootout loss, and 0 points for a regulation loss, with playoff seeding determined by total points. 

If there is a tie in the standings between teams, the following formula will be used to determine the higher seed:

1)    Goals Against
2)    Goals For
3)    Number of goals scored by the team’s leading scorer
4)    Coin Flip

It is expected to be in the mid-70’s on Saturday.  Though there will be water jugs near the rinks, it is strongly recommended that all participants also bring bottled water and Gatorade, and an ample supply of sunscreen.  Silvertips Athletic Trainer Chris Walker will be on hand to treat any injuries that may result from the game.  All participants must bring their own equipment.  Goalie equipment is both allowed and encouraged.  Participants in the 9-12 and 13-17 Tournaments are required to use protective eyewear.

Food will be available for purchase.  Vinnie’s Hot Dogs will be available at Vinnie’s Rink, which is also in close proximity to several downtown Everett restaurants.  At the Simpson/Irving Rinks, Centerplate will be operating a grill as well as a beer garden.  We will be hosting a 50/50 raffle as well as drawings for an Eastern Synergy stick and gift certificates for local restaurants.

The Silvertips Team Store, located at the corner of Oakes and Hewitt, will be open from 10-12 for a special Early Bird Tournament Sale.

Please print out, sign, and hand off your Silvertips Street Hockey Challenge Waiver to the registry table when you arrive.




9-12 Tournament
-all games to be played at Vinnie’s Rink at Lombard and Hewitt
2010 Champion: Punishers
2010 Leading Scorers: Riley Krenz, Alex Furlan – 20 goals

Asphalt Assassins
Pro Edge Predators
Pro Edge Capitals
Pro Edge Destroyers

10:20 AM
Strykers vs Capitals

11:00 AM
Asphalt Assassins vs Predators

Capitals vs Destroyers

Predators vs Strykers

Destroyers vs Predators

Stykers vs Assassins

Predators vs Capitals

Assassins vs Destroyers

Capitals vs Assassins

Destroyers vs Strykers

SEMIFINAL – #1 Seed vs #4 Seed

SEMIFINAL – #2 Seed vs #3 Seed

CHAMPIONSHIP – Winners of Semifinals

13-17 Tournament
-all games to be played at Vinnie’s Rink at Lombard and Hewitt
2010 Champion: Russia
2010 Leading Scorers: Stuart Terrell, Ian Dootson – 20 goals

International Selects

Eagles vs Punishers

Russia vs International Selects

Punishers vs Russia

Eagles vs International Selects

Eagles vs Russia

Punishers vs International Selects

SEMIFINAL – #1 Seed vs #4 Seed

SEMIFINAL – #2 Seed vs #3 Seed

CHAMPIONSHIP – Winners of Semifinals

Adult Tournament
-all games to be played at Simpson & Irving Rinks at Broadway and Wall
2010 Champion: Sting II
2010 Leading Scorers: Pat Crogan – 14 goals

Ivan Baranka Division
Denny’s Little Heroes
Emerald City Supporters
Viper Squirrels
Seattle Street Hockey #2

Radko Gudas Division
Sauce Hockey
The Creaking Coaches
Froggin Ashpoles
Sting II

Rasmus Rissanen Division
Seattle Street Hockey #1
Dunbar Dachshunds
Portland HC
Oreo Cakesters

10:20 – Irving Rink
Denny’s Little Heroes vs Viper Squirrels

10:20 – Simpson Rink
Sauce Hockey vs Froggin Ashpoles

10:40 – Irving Rink
Seattle Street Hockey #1 vs Oreo Cakesters

10:40 – Simpson Rink
Olympia vs Emerald City Supporters

11:00 – Irving Rink vs The Creaking Coaches

11:00 – Simpson Rink
Typhoon vs Dunbar Dachshunds

11:20 – Irving Rink
Viper Squirrels vs Seattle Street Hockey #2

11:20 – Simpson Rink
Froggin Ashpoles vs Sting II

11:40 – Irving Rink
Oreo Cakesters vs Portland HC

11:40 – Simpson Rink
Emerald City Supporters vs Denny’s Little Heroes

12:00 – Irving Rink
The Creaking Coaches vs Sauce Hockey

12:00 – Simpson Rink
Dunbar Dachshunds vs Seattle Street Hockey #1

12:20 – Irving Rink
Seattle Street Hockey #2  vs Emerald City Supporters

12:20 – Simpson Rink
Sting II vs The Creaking Coaches

12:40 – Irving Rink
Portland HC vs Dunbar Dachshunds

12:40 – Simpson Rink
Denny’s Little Heroes vs Olympia

1:00 – Irving Rink
Sauce Hockey vs

1:00 – Simpson Rink
Seattle Street Hockey #1 vs Typhoon

1:20 – Irving Rink
Emerald City Supporters vs Viper Squirrels

1:20 – Simpson Rink
The Creaking Coaches vs Froggin Ashpoles

1:40 – Irving Rink
Dunbar Dachshunds vs Oreo Cakesters

1:40 – Simpson Rink
Olympia vs Seattle Street Hockey #2

2:00 – Irving Rink vs Sting II

2:00 – Simpson Rink
Typhoon vs Portland HC

2:20 – Irving Rink
Viper Squirrels vs Olympia

2:20 – Simpson Rink
Froggin Ashpoles vs

2:40 – Irving Rink
Oreo Cakesters vs Typhoon

2:40 – Simpson Rink
Seattle Street Hockey #2 vs Denny’s Little Heroes

3:00 – Irving Rink
Sting II vs Sauce Hockey

3:00 – Simpson Rink
Portland HC vs Seattle Street Hockey #1

3:30 – Irving Rink
QUARTERFINAL – #3 Seed vs #6 Seed

3:30 – Simpson Rink
QUARTERFINAL – #4 Seed vs #5 Seed

4:00 – Irving Rink
SEMIFINAL – #1 Seed vs Winner of #4/#5 Seeds

4:00 – Simpson Rink
SEMIFINAL – #2 Seed vs Winner of #3/#6 Seeds

4:30 – Irving Rink
CHAMPIONSHIP – Winners of Semifinals



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