With a Mini Ticket Plan, Choose the Games You Want to See

What’s so great about an Everett Silvertips ticket package?

How much time do you have? There are tons of advantages to six, 14, or 22-game mini packs.

Bottom line: Tips games are a fun family outing, a good place to connect with friends and colleagues, and the best fan experience in the WHL.

Beyond that, no matter which ticket package you have, you can pick the games you want to see. Imagine the possibilities …

Promo nights: Season #15 is not just two hours to watch the Pacific Northwest’s hockey with the NHL stars of tomorrow. It’s an entertainment destination. You could be taking home pennants, bobbleheads, trapper hats, and trading cards. Around the corner are creative, original, and just flat out fun themes dotting the Tips schedule: Aerospace Night, the Teddy Bear Toss, Pink the Rink.

Pick your favorites or pick them all.

Bonus: with a 14-game, 22-game, or full-season pack, you get in the arena 15 minutes before everyone else. That means you get a fast-track pass to the front of the line on those intensely popular game day giveaways!

Sunday afternoons: Do you prefer earlier games? There will be plenty of them on the schedule. You get nine — yes, NINE — Sunday afternoon games. Catch a Tips game and still get the kids to bed on time. And, with a ticket pack, you save money off the single-game price, too!

School breaks: Kids heading off to college? Are they bummed about missing the Silvertips 15th Anniversary season? No worries! With any mini package, you can choose the games you want to see. Pick games during school breaks or on the weekends you know your students will be home.

Rivalry games: Which team is Everett’s biggest rival? Depends on who you ask, right? Well, let’s take a pick. Want to see all the games with Portland? Or, do you love to cheer the loudest when the boys in green play Seattle? With a mini pack, you decide.

Fridays: What better way to celebrate the end of your school or work week than at a Friday night hockey game? The 15th anniversary season schedule includes 11 Friday games. And, guess what? With a six-game, 14-game, or 22-game pack, you can see as many Friday night games as you want to.

Are you seeing a trend yet? Pick. The. Games. You. Want.

Your own Silvertips ticket package comes with the ultimate power: for you to pick.

For more ideas, talk to one of the super helpful ticketing folks. They have all the inside scoop and can help put together a package that’s perfect for you.

For more information, click here or call 425-252-5100.

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