Frequently Asked Questions

Updated August 25, 2021


I DIDN’T GET MY RENEWAL FORM, OR IF I DID, I CAN’T REMEMBER…NOW WHAT? – We understand – it has been well over a year.  We are currently sending out updated account summary and renewals.  If you did not receive one in the mail, or have updated mailing information, please call our Silvertips Front Office 425.252.5100.

I DID PLACE A DEPOSIT, WHEN DO I HAVE TO DECIDE ON A PACKAGE OR SEATS? – During your seat selection priority call (taking place in July/August for new accounts), you will have the option to see what packages are available for your desired seat location. Your paid deposit will then factor in and we will help you customize an interest free payment plan.

WILL I BE RECEIVING AN UPDATE ON MY CURRENT ACCOUNT BALANCE AND STATUS? – Paid in full accounts may request a digital copy of their account statement via email: or 425-252-5100 x 1. Accounts with a balance will be receiving a paper invoice in the mail by mid June.

DID MY RECENT MEMBERSHIP PLAN OVER THE 19/20 SEASON COVER THE 2020 PLAYOFFS THAT GOT CANCELED? No – The recent membership cycle started with the 2019 playoffs (after 18/19 season), 2019 preseason, 19/20 giveaways and a 19/20 WHL Live Away Pass. Traditional membership payments start their new cycle in March for future events.

I HAD THE MEMBERSHIP PLAN IN THE PAST AND AUTO PAYMENTS WERE TAKEN OUT DURING THE PANDEMIC, WHAT DID THAT COVER? – This covers your upcoming 21/22 regular season ticket plan only. We made adjustments to your monthly auto payment plan deducted the add on amount for the membership plan, as those elements are TBD. If you paid in full, including the membership portion, you received a refund.

I HAVE AN ACTIVE ACCOUNT AND WANT TO SEE WHAT OTHER SEATS ARE AVAILABLE…HOW CAN I DO THAT? – If you did check the box on your renewal form to look at new seats, we will be contacting you near the end of June with a specific time to do a remote select-a-seat, starting on  June 21 for active Season Ticket/Package Holders to look at a new locations/adding and then July 6 for new deposit accounts.

2021/22 SEASON SCHEDULE AND GAME SELECTIONS – The official 2021/22 regular season schedule is NOW available. Popular theme nights, exciting giveaways and the complete promo schedule is currently being finalized. If you have a 22 or 14-game plan, you will be receiving your game selection form via email on August 31st or upon signing up for new season tickets.

PAYMENT PLAN OPTIONS – Keep in mind that you DON’T have to pay for your season tickets or mini-plan in one payment at the beginning. Besides the pay in full option, we also provide an interest free monthly payment plan between now and November. Payments will be divided by remaining available months and automatically applied on the 15th of the month. Please call 425-252-5100 x 1 for other special payment plan requests or questions.


NEVER WASTE A TICKET PROGRAM (FUTURE GAMES) – Season Tickets and Package Tickets for future games may be exchanged up until 5:00pm for a Monday – Saturday game and until 2:00pm on Sunday prior to start of the game.  Tickets can only be exchanged at the Silvertips Front Office (glass doors midway up the Hewitt side of the Arena, by mail (2000 Hewitt Ave, Suite 100 | Everett, WA 98201) or during games at the BECU Guest Services table located behind section 116. No exchanges can be made at the AOTW Arena Box Office or on the phone.  You may exchange your tickets for the same price level pending availability, if tickets are unavailable in the same price category, a lower priced ticket may be substituted with no refund given on price differences. An unused exchanged ticket may not be exchanged again.

NEVER WASTE A TICKET PROGRAM (GAMES PLAYED) – Full Season Tickets for games already played (and not scanned) may be exchange for any Regular Season game at the same seating level as the ticket being exchanged. If tickets are unavailable in the same price category, a lower priced ticket may be substituted with no refund given on price differences. Tickets can only be exchanged at the Silvertips Administrative Offices, by mail or during games at the BECU Guest Services table located behind section 116. Upgrades will not be available.

BUDDY PASSES – Full (34) Season Ticket Holders will receive four (4) Green Flex Vouchers, and Package (22 & 14) Ticket Holders will receive one (1) Green Flex Voucher per seat on the account. Each Flex Voucher is valid for one (1) Green Level to a Silvertips Regular Season home game. If tickets are unavailable in the same price category, a lower priced ticket may be substituted.

MEMBERSHIP – *Traditional season Membership benefits include: tickets to all home games (pre-season, regular season, & playoffs), punch card for every door giveaway, one (1) WHL Live away pass per season ticket holder account. Memberships are treated as subscription accounts, renewed automatically, split over 12 months of interest free auto payments. *At the moment 2021-22 season Membership accounts are set to reflect regular season tickets only. We expect to have the membership package available when the normal cycle period begins in February/March, which will start with 2022 playoffs that we will have a better idea what the format looks like.

GATE OPENINGS – All gates will open one (1) hour before puck drop unless otherwise stated.  For promotion games with more information, CLICK HERE.  The Suite Entrance opens 90-minutes prior to game time. Season Ticket & Package Holders will be allowed entry 15 minutes ahead of the general public by using the door closest to the Silvertips Team Store on the corner of Oakes/Hewitt.

2021 ST Benefits No 7

BAG CHECK POLICY – The Silvertips and the AOTW Arena at Everett reserve the right to inspect any bag, clothing or other articles prior to entry into the arena and prohibit entry or require removal/disposal of any items deemed inappropriate or potentially injurious to the arena, other patrons of the event or ice personnel.  Please leave all unnecessary items in your vehicle or at home and have bags/coats open for search as you approach the entrance.  Bags larger than 11” X 14” are not permitted and will not be held by staff during the event.

PROHIBITED ITEMS – For your comfort, and the comfort of others, the following items are not allowed: outside food and drink, animals (except certified services dogs for the disabled); air/plastic horns, backpacks or oversized items; balloons; beach balls and other inflatable items; belts made of metal, chains, or including spikes and/or studs; confetti; fireworks; glass bottles or aluminum cans; ice chests, coolers or thermos containers; laser pointers; skateboards or roller blades; stools or folding chairs; water bottles or mugs; weapons (including firearms, knives, mace and pepper spray)

CAMERA POLICY – All forms of video and motion-picture cameras are strictly prohibited.  Conventional, point-and-shoot cameras that have a built-in lens are allowed in the AOTW Arena at Everett provided that the equipment does not interfere with the enjoyment of the game by other patrons and does not use a flash.  All cameras that don’t follow this rule must be checked by a guest services staff member and only used during non-hockey related activities.  Fans that are seen using a camera with a telephoto lens during play will be ejected from the arena and will not be issued a refund.  All questionable cameras must get approval by the Everett Silvertips for a final decision.  Fans are not permitted to reproduce or rebroadcast any images of Silvertips games for commercial purposes without the prior written permission of the Everett Silvertips.

GUEST CONDUCT GUIDELINES – Any ticket holder who behaves in an unruly or disruptive manner during a game that prevents fans in the proximity from enjoyment of the game may be asked to leave the building. The term “unruly or disruptive manner” includes, but is not limited to, foul language, intoxication, physical or verbal abuse or poor personal hygiene. The season ticket holder of record is responsible for the behavior of any persons or persons to whom they give or sell their tickets. Repeated instances of unruly behavior will result in the immediate revocation of season tickets. If, in the opinion of the game officials, coaches, or security personnel, a spectator verbally abuses players and/or coaches or staff working in the AOTW Arena at Everett, the spectator will be given a warning by building security personnel. If the spectator continues to behave in an abusive manner the building security personnel will eject the spectator from the arena at Everett. Per Silvertips policies, ejection from the game will result in a warning letter to the season ticket holder of record, and a subsequent ejection will result in mandatory loss of season tickets and all benefits and rights accorded with season ticket purchase.  If tickets are revoked due to patron conduct, no refund will be given.

The Silvertips and the AOTW Arena at Everett enforce a zero-tolerance, anti-harassment policy for our employees and guests. As such, we prohibit harassment that is sexual in nature, as well as harassment that is based on race, color, religion, gender, national origin, age, disability, or other bases protected by local, state, and federal law. Such harassment demeans our employees and guests, and undermines the safe, effective and efficient operation of our business. In accordance with this policy, ticket holders agree to adhere to the anti-harassment commitment of the Silvertips and to ensure that all employees and guests are treated with dignity and respect. To this end, any sexual, racial, or other harassing and discriminatory language, gestures, visual or physical conduct by ticket holders and their guests are strictly prohibited, and will result in revocation of season tickets.

BECU GUEST SERVICES TABLE – Should you need assistance  once inside the area, please visit the BECU Guest Services Table located near section 116.  Silvertips staff are on hand one hour prior to the start of the game and through the end of the game to answer questions.  Additional assistance can be acquired by speaking with any usher or security guard throughout the arena. If you have any alcohol related problems please visit AOTW Arena Guest Services located near Section 101 or make contact with any yellow shirted alcohol enforcement usher.

LOST OR STOLEN TICKETS – Season ticket or mini game tickets which are lost, stolen or destroyed may be replaced up to two (2) hours prior to game time at the Silvertips administrative office.  Only the ticket holder on the account may request the tickets be reprinted.  For account security, this can not be done over the phone.

CHILDREN – Children who are three (3) years old or older are required to have a ticket to gain admittance to the game.  Children who have not yet reached their third (3) birthday are not required to have a ticket provided they sit on an adult’s lap without obstructing the view of any other guests.  There are no discounted tickets available for children.

WILL CALL WINDOW AND SINGLE GAME TICKET SALES – General Will Call is located at northwest corner of the AOTW Arena. Will Call windows open at 10:00 am for all games Monday through Saturday and 2:00 pm for all Sunday games and closes at the end of the second intermission. To pick up tickets, a valid picture ID must be presented.  If there are no games scheduled, the windows are open 12:00 – 5:00 pm Monday-Thursday and 10:00 am – 2:00 pm on Friday and Saturday. All Season Ticket requests must be handled at the Everett Silvertips Administrative Offices.

EXIT/RE-ENTRY – Guests are not permitted to leave the AOTW Arena at Everett and return on the same ticket.  Re-admittance to the arena will be allowed only in the case of an emergency.  Those needing to exit the arena for this purpose must proceed to the BECU Guest Service Table located at Section 116 for re-admittance consideration.

ACCOUNT OWNERSHIP – Season tickets are not transferable from one entity to another. The owner name under which an account has been purchased may not be changed, with the following exceptions: change in marital status; change in business name; dissolution of business; sale of business; legal name change; or death of account holder.

For the protection of ticket holders, all requests for account information changes must be submitted in writing. In addition to requests for ownership changes as described above, this includes address, telephone, or business account name (attention line) changes. The Silvertips may not be responsible for timely delivery of information if account information is not updated in writing by the ticket holder.