Everett Silvertips 2023-24 Renewal


2023-2024 Season


What does hockey in Everett mean? It means the best home record in the WHL since 2017-18. It means the fourth-best home record in the league since 2003-04. It means four thrilling overtime victories this season on AOTW ice. It means the most fans on average of any team in January 2023, after leading the league in attendance in 2021-22. It means unforgettable experiences like the Taco Hat Trick and the Tyler Palmer PalmFan Section.

It means you can’t miss it.


IF you haven’t received your renewal form or have ANY QUESTIONS, text/call us at 425-252-5100, email, or stop by our office!

Renewing accounts that indicated on their form that they would like to add or look at new seats will be contacted later this spring/ early summer to plan for Select A Seat.  Details coming later this season.

Single game buyer for the current 22/23 season, but interested in money-saving ticket packages for the upcoming 23/24 season? CLICK HERE for New Seat Deposit Info.

We cannot THANK YOU enough for being a pinnacle part of our hockey club. YOU are truly a member of this team! From the front office to the locker room, to the community and beyond, our fanbase is the primary reason our organization is the premier team in all minor league sports! We are proud to have an enriched and thriving hockey community right HERE in Silvertip Country!

As the 2023 WHL Playoffs are right around the corner, we are ecstatic preparing for a post season run. Your commitment as a season ticket holder and continued support through the last few years during pandemic and post pandemic era is noticed and envied from all angles! We look forward to your continuing support during the remainder of this celebratory 20th anniversary season and look forward to joining us gain for the upcoming 23/24 Silvertips Season!

RENEW EARLY for entry into the season ticket holder renewal raffle. Prizes will be awarded throughout the summer. Team signed items, Team Store credits and exclusive experiences and a  *(drum roll please) $9K premier kitchen appliance package from our friends at Judd & Black …plus much more!

Payment Plan Options:

  • Interest free automatic card payments (on the 15th of each month).
  • Invoices (paid in full by September 15).

AUTOMATIC CARD PAYMENTS:  Credit or debit cards automatically charged, interest free, on the 15th of the month (March –October) with first payment run when renewal forms turned in.

INVOICE: 25% deposit; monthly invoices; paid in full by September 15, 2022. $10 maintenance fee.

PAY IN FULL: Single payment that covers the balance for the 2022-23 season (and 2022 six (6) game playoff pack if you selected).

ADDING OR CHANGING SEATS:  Your current seats will not be dropped or changed until you choose a new location. Please check the box on the renewal form if you would like to add or change seat location to your account or view available seats.  The first opportunity to add or change seats will be during the “Select-A-Seat” window taking place between during late spring/early summer (exact dates TBD). Your specific appointment time will be based on your priority number and package type on your account.

Contact the Silvertips at (text/call) 425-252-5100 or with any questions.  Go ‘Tips!

WHEN are 2022-23 Renewal Forms due and WHERE can I turn them in?
The renewal form ABSOLUTE deadline is March 24, 2023. All renewals turned in after the deadline are not guaranteed their seats, will be at an increased price and are subject to deactivation of their account. You can turn in your form by bringing it to the Silvertips Office, Silvertips Guest Services near section 116 during home games,  or calling 425-252-5100. You may also mail, scan, or email a photo of your signed renewal form to

What should I do if I want to CHANGE SEATS or ADD SEATS?
You will indicate by circling “Yes” or “No” on your renewal form indicating either to Change Seat Location and/or Add Seats. This will let us know that you’re interested in adding/changing seats when we do our Select-A-Seat event the late spring/early summer If the seats that you wanted to move to are already taken, you can keep your current seats. We will not release your seats from the previous season until you find new seats that you like.

Dates to Remember
*Monthly automatic payments are charged on the 15th of every month starting in MARCH
*Invoices are mailed 1st of every month

Renewal deadline – March 24, 2023 (current pricing)
23/24 Regular season schedule release – July
22 & 14-game selection forms emailed out – August

Have more questions about next Season???  TEXT us at 425-252-5100, give us a call or fill out the form below!

JOEL ANDERSON – – 425-609-2810

KATRINA KOONTZ – – 425-609-2819

MACKENZIE MCLEOD – – 425-609-2804

23/24 Renewal Questions