Second Murray Bobblehead Doll Night Friday!

The second Ryan Murray Bobblehead doll night for 2012-13 is this coming Friday (November 30) and in order to accommodate as many fans as possible, the Everett Silvertips Hockey Club has outlined the following procedures for bobblehead doll giveaway nights.
We are aware that the demand for the dolls may exceed the number of dolls available, and the organization has tried to determine a way to distribute the dolls in a way that is fair for all of our loyal fans. Only 750 of each doll have been produced. Once the dolls have been distributed, they are gone.

*The first 750 fans through the Main Doors (corner of Hewitt and Oakes Avenue) will receive a bobblehead doll ticket. The bearer of the ticket may exchange it for one bobblehead. There will be one line for bobblehead distribution. The line will form on Hewitt Ave just below the Comcast Arena Flag Pole and extend toward Broadway Ave. This will be the only line that will be allowed to form. There will be no line on Oakes Ave. If you do NOT want a bobblehead please use the Southeast Entrance for admittance.

*One certificate will be issued per person no matter how many game tickets a fan may possess.

*Certificate must be redeemed on the day of the game. A bobblehead doll distribution center will be located near the View Lounge. Fans must redeem the certificate at the designated location prior to the start of the game.

*Main gates open one hour prior to the game. Bobblehead doll tickets will NOT be issued at any other location in the building.

*The Club Lounge which opens 1.5 hours prior to the game opening will NOT have bobblehead doll tickets issued at their private entrance. The Wall St. entrance will NOT have bobblehead doll tickets issued.

*Each bobblehead doll is individually boxed and protected with Styrofoam. We request that fans wait until they get home to open their bobblehead doll to help keep the Comcast Arena clean.

*The Silvertips will NOT be holding any dolls back for replacement purposes.

*In order to complete the entire three-doll Ryan Murray set, fans will have to attend all three giveaway nights.  Only one pose will be given out each night of the promotion.

2012-13 Bobblehead Doll Giveaway Dates:
October 26 – Doll #1 (Original style jersey)
November 30  Doll #2 (2009-2012 style jersey)
February 1 – Doll #3 (10th Anniversary style jersey)

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